Welcome to Smt.T.J.Patel Commerce College, a premier institution in commerce education in Kheda District.

This College is the first English Medium College established by the Nadiad Education Society in 2002. Shri. Devendrabhai Patel and his brothers gave a munificent donation in the sacred memory of their mother to start this college.

The college has made significant contributions in the last nine years since its inception and has earned a name for its high academic and disciplinary standard. The college has been at the forefront in practicing innovative teaching methods. Along with excellence in academics, Smt.T.J.Patel Commerce College lays strong emphasis on all round development.

College’s University examination results have always been excellent, around 99% to 100%, way above University results, and they have been rounded off with a spectacular haul of ranks, medals and prizes.

The faculty is ever eager to guide brilliant students aspiring to such achievements.


  • Inner transformation of students resulting them to be true to the self and to the society.


  • To Provide to students, from any background, the wisdom of the wise and the practical means for their application to become the positive contributors to society.

Our Dream

  • To Provide the stimulating learning environment to face the challenges of life.