My son has ITP ( low platelet count in blood ) and he had milk and seasonally allergies. We tried Dr’s Prescribed medicine and gave nebulizer for two years but no results. I saw Dr. Khushdil on facebook and then consulted her. Dr. Khushdil has been treating my son for one and half years. We followed her therapy and Ayurvedic medicines and it’s really worked. Now my son is not taking any nebulizer or any medicine for Allergies. Dr Khushdil has a good knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine. Very kind and supportive person.
Highly recommend.

Pratik PatelMotel Front Office Associate

I learned a lot of new things. Learned proper way of doing yoga. Asanas and some new poses as well. I was familiar with the name of the Asana but the proper way of doing that and refreshing them was great. It was nice to connect with someone from the same field after so long. As I feel like I’m missing the link now.

Emotionally, I developed a bonding with you. You are a wonderful human being, very experienced, very knowledgeable and flexible. I wish you luck today and always to keep doing the good work you are doing and achieve your dreams and aims. Emotionally, for myself as well.

The practice of meditation and yoga has given me a new energy and expanded my horizons of thought process, thinking out of the box and boosted me as a person overall. I would like to keep in touch with you always and keep doing this practice always. As it uplifts the person as a whole. I also wish to discover my purpose, my aim of being on this earth as soon as possible, too.

You are a selfless person and also motivated me in some way. Thank you so much for all you have done for me so far.

Dr. Sonia GillHost from Sanjhi awaz Radio

I have been attending private yoga lessons with Dr. Khushdil for a few months and I am feeling great. I have struggled with anxiety and insomnia throughout my life and I have tried a lot of different treatments to handle it. I have attended yoga lessons before but I felt like I was just going through the motions and doing another exercise.

Learning first how to breathe correctly and stretch your muscles to prepare for the intense positions takes time but is so important. I still attend yoga sessions to advance further but I practice yoga daily at home.

Thanks to meditation and yoga. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I sleep well and don’t need any anxiety medication.

I thoroughly recommend Dr. Khushdil and she has changed my life.

Mandy KeallMelbourne

Dr Khushdil has such an extensive knowledge of Ayurveda and it shows in her practice. She is a delightful and caring person. You can take your issues to and you can trust she will resolve them. I was amazed at the way she was able to blend her knowledge of different practices to adapt to my personal situation.

I have had many different styles of massages over the years and was pleasantly surprised by the Khushdil’s massage. She is able to locate knots and deal with them in a manner that I had never come across before and release them quickly and painlessly. Don’t expect the same old with khushdil’s messages, it’s a totally different treatment.
Highly recommended.

Nadege KitchingOwner and Founder of Plantworm, Melbourne

I found doing Panchakarma most beneficial for alleviating STRESS, improving skin tone and detoxifying the body in a profound way. I found it more useful than a cosmetic or relaxation treatment as the massage and steam treatment work together to heal the body. I would recommend this to all business people who are in need a rebalance and recharge to help with their busy schedules. I came back with far more energy and clearer in mind. I think it is certainly worth the investment in these procedures.

Thanks Khushdil.

Tania MathiasFantastick Label Company

Hello doctor,

I hope you are well. I choose you as an Ayurvedic doctor to treat my thyroid problem. I wanted to remove it from the root. By following all your instructions, I am living thyroid free life. Doctor, you are Amazing in every angle as a Doctor / Yoga teacher/ Guide/ Friend.☺️☺️☺️🙏👍

Thank you Doctor for your all help✌️😍

Manisha PrajapatiBeautician, Melbourne

I want to change my habit. My legs hurt when I stand for a while. My upper back hurts if I sit upright for a while without support. I don’t feel energetic throughout the day. I believe in natural treatment.

I could not sleep early at night. That’s why I wake up late in the morning. My husband is amazed When I wake up early at 4.00 in the morning for your yoga meeting. You always reply to me quickly, that’s why I choose you to solve my problem.

You are the best as a doctor, yoga teacher, guide as well as friend. Thank you for everything .

Jyotiben RohraHouse Maker, India

Last year when I was very sick, I chose you to help me because I’d seen you on LinkedIn and liked to look off you. I needed someone with other wisdom to help me when I couldn’t think for myself due to the pain I was in. Divine timing also as we were starting to study ayurveda and I wanted to see how a practitioner worked. I also needed to be on the receiving side to better understand my clients point of view.
You are a wonderful therapist. you listen and respond with appropriate medicines and give lots of lifestyle recommendations that helps me a lot.

Sue RissinichKinesiologist, Melbourne

Actually I like you as a doctor ,yoga teacher and a guide. you are very friendly.

I was suffering from bloating ,Lower back pain like sciatica.
You are an Ayurveda doctor so you will give a natural solution.

My dance teacher had mentioned me once in the dance class about Ayurveda and you.

Personally I like your home remedies. I feel so good just in a month’s time and still would like to continue until I completely feel healthy.

Shilpa ShahNew Jersey, The US

I choose you as a yoga teacher. I don’t have any health problems. Just want to reduce 2-3 kgs of weight. I am not overweight. I am not getting enough exercise due to lockdown. Just started yoga and started liking it. Will continue.

Your guidance helps me to appreciate yoga and develop interest.

MelbourneReena Kandula

Khushdil is a very passionate Ayurvedic practitioner. She is kind, and will listen to what it is that you want to achieve. I have attended a few of her cooking classes in the past, experienced some very yummy dishes and learnt about good health in a very practical way.

Dana CitizenMelbourne

Best and Different Experience🤗 for Ayurvedic Massage and Herbal steam. I would say this is the best way to be connected to your roots and tradition 🥰 Very Good Customer service as well..

Thank you Khushdil for this experience🙏🏻

Esha ShuklaPathology specimen collector, Melbourne

Dr Khusdil is excellent and tries to understand the root cause of the issue and gives a long term solution. She also tries to blend the solutions with one’s lifestyle which helps in seamless blending of solutions into our lives. I would definitely recommend Dr Khusdil to anyone who wants a holistic approach to treatments.

Swathy RamesanMelbourne